【Nationwide】 The “Oblate Tabelate”, which allows you to make realistic “character meal” from “Demon Slayer”, is now on sale.

A new item based on the motif of popular anime ‘Demon Slayer’ will appear in November in ‘Oblate’s Tabelate (edibility wafer)’, which is a real character meal making machine.

Oblate’s Tabelate

Oblate’s Tabelate is an oblate sheet with edible ink characters printed on the 0.03 to 0.05 mm thin oblate. It is a popular item because you can make realistic “character rice” simply by cutting off the oblate with cooking scissors and attaching it to the ingredients.

This time, “Oblate’s Tabelate” has a new design featuring the impressive expressions and lines of the characters in “Demon Slayer”. You can create your own menu as if you were visiting a character café by arranging it on top of your lunch or dinner, as well as your everyday bento.


Oblate’s Tabelate” with “Demon Slayer” motif, 275 yen + tax

【Release Date】 Nov 2 (Mon), 2020
【Store】 Furikake and nori sections of mass merchandisers and supermarkets and drug stores across the country, etc.