【Nationwide】 The “Satou no Fuku Mochi ni Okeru Kagamimochi Small Ornaments Amabiye Sama” for good health in the year ahead is now on sale!

Satou Shokuhin Co., Ltd. is now selling “Satou no Fukumochi ni iru Kagamimamochi kogamisama Amabie-sama” (small ornamental Amabie-sama with Satou’s Fuku Mochi), printed with Amabie, which is popular for its ability to calm bad luck.

What’s Amabie?

Amabie is a Japanese yokai. It is said to have caused light to shine from under the sea and to have made predictions about good harvests and plagues. (By Wikipedia)

To pray for good health in 2021

Since ancient times, Kagamimochi (mirror-shaped rice cakes) have been offered to the gods for good health and well-being, and are an important part of Japan’s traditional culture.

The “Satou no Fukumochi ni iru Kagamimochi kogarimono Amabie-sama” is a Kagamimochi (mirror rice cake) with a design of Amabie, which is said to calm bad luck and disease, in the hope that the new coronavirus will be brought under control soon. The box of the rice cake is red and white, the colors of red and white, to create a gorgeous color scheme suitable for the New Year.

The box of the Kagamimochi has been redesigned in red and white to create a gorgeous color scheme for the New Year. Fuji in the background, representing a crane perched on a pine tree flapping its wings toward the morning sun.

You can always eat freshly.

The company’s Kagamimochi is made of 100% domestically grown rice. In addition, the rice cakes are individually wrapped in Nagamochi (long-lasting) Film, a special material that absorbs enzymes, so you can enjoy delicious rice cakes at any time.

The container is a styrofoam type “Raku-poi container”, the same type as food trays. It is also easy to tear, crush, and dispose of in small pieces. Why don’t you celebrate the New Year with the gorgeous and lovely “Satou no Fukumochi iri Kagamimochi Kokazari Amabie-sama”? It is also a good gift for family members who are unable to see each other due to the refrain from returning home due to the Corona disaster.


Satou no Fukumochi iri Kagamimochi Kokazari Amabie-sama

【Sales Period】 Now on Sale
【Price】 318 yen (66g)
【Store】 Home centers, supermarkets, etc.

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