【Nationwide】 The second edition of ‘Shu Uemura x One Piece Collection’ is a limited edition Christmas highlighter of Nami and Robin.

Continuing from yesterday, we bring you the second installment of the “Shu Uemura x One Piece Collection”. The second part of the 2020 Christmas Collection ‘Shu Uemura x One Piece Collection’ will be released on November 15 (Sun), 2020 for a limited time. The advance sale will start on November 9 (Mon) on the official online shop.

Shu Uemura x One Piece Collection” Vol. 2

Shu Uemura Christmas 2020 will be a big collaboration with One Piece, one of Japan’s most iconic anime works. The two representatives of Japan have teamed up to create items inspired by the marine blue ocean, the sun, and treasure that are the setting for the adventures of “One Piece”.

Following on from the first volume, the second volume will feature makeup tools and limited edition highlighters by Shu Uemura in a “One Piece” design.

Nami and Nico Robin’s Highlighter.

The highlighter palette is based on the female characters of “One Piece”, Nami and Nico Robin, and gives a three-dimensional effect.

Fearless Crew Highlighter Gold Feist is a gold color with a pearly glow, while Fearless Crew Highlighter Romando Stone is a warm peach color, which, regardless of which color you choose, will give your face a three-dimensional look, giving you a lively and seductive look like Nami or Robin.

Fearless Crew Highlighter Gold Feist 5,000 yen + tax
Fearless Crew Highlighter Romance Dawn 5,000 yen + tax

There’s also a “One Piece” designed make-up tool.

In addition, Shu Uemura’s foundation brush and eyelash curler are decorated with a skull motif, the “mark of the Straw Hat Pirates”, to express the world of the One Piece.

The ‘Fearless Crew Premium Brush Set’, which includes four different Shu Uemura makeup brushes to enhance your own makeup, will also be available in a limited edition set designed in collaboration with One Piece.

Fearless Crew Premium Brush Set 6,500 yen + tax
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation


Shu Uemura x One Piece Collection Vol. 2

【Release Date】 Limited nationwide release on November 15, 2020
【Advance Reservation】 Accepted at the official online shop on Thursday, October 15, 2020
【Advance Sale】 It will go on sale in advance at the official online shop on Monday, November 9, 2020.