【Nationwide】”100 yen cosmetics” of Kiki & Lara will be released from February 11!

Kiki & Lara’s cosmetics series “TWINKLE HAPPINESS GIRL” appeared in “100 yen cosmetics”. It will be released on Seria from Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

Kiki & Lara’s “100 Yen Cosmetics”

The topic of “100 yen cosmetics” now. This time, from Celia, cute cosmetics with Kiki & Lara motifs will appear. Characteristic is the star motif case. The cap has a star motif inspired by Kiki & Lara, while the bottle and package have a Kiki & Lara motif.

There are 46 items of “Twinkle Happiness Girl” cosmetics that you can enjoy just by holding them.

Manicure 18 colors 100 yen each + tax, lame top coat, base coat, top coat 100 yen each + tax

Eyebrow pencil

The Twinkle Happiness Girl is sold in a light blue romantic package. The feature is that it is easy to use as it is an extended elliptical core type. All four colors are available and can be selected according to the hair color.

Eyebrow pencil All 4 colors 100 yen each + tax

Luminous shadow

“Luminous Shadow” with a knob motif of a star features a cute package of Kiki & Lara on a unicorn. Delicate pearl type and large pearl type are available, all 8 colors. Because it is a single color eyeshadow, it is recommended that you choose your favorite color in multiple colors and enjoy gradation makeup.

Luminous shadow All 8 colors 100 yen each + tax

Crayon type lipstick

Crayon-type lipstick “Shiny Lip” has a glittery color. Glittering glitter makes your lips look three-dimensional. Among the five colors, the recommended one is the brown color “chocolat beige”, which looks like an adult.

Shiny lip 5 colors, 100 yen each + tax

Gloss type lip

It is also good to arrange “Prism Lip” on the lipstick. Gloss type lips have a glittery and pearly shine and a glossy shine, and change the impression just by layering on the usual lipstick.

Prism lip all 4 colors 100 yen each + tax

Nail remover sheet

What is convenient is the sheet type nail remover “Nail Remover Sheet”. Because it is not necessary to prepare cotton with a sheet type, it is convenient for traveling. You can turn off the nail while enjoying the floral scent.

In addition, liquid teak with a color that gradually spreads, and nails with 18 colors are also available.

Nail remover sheet 100 yen + tax


Kiki & Lara’s cosmetic series “Twinkle Happiness Girl”
All 46 types 100 yen each plus tax

【Release Date】February 11, 2020 (Tue)
【Store】Seria Nationwide