【Nationwide】A collaboration collection of Dr.Martens and Hello Kitty has appeared!

A collaboration collection of Dr. Martens and Hello Kitty, a popular Sanrio character, has appeared. On March 6, 2020 (Friday), sales have started at doctor martin shops nationwide, doctor martin official online shops, some Sanrio shops, and Sanrio online shops.

Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty, the second collaboration realized.

This is the second collaboration between Dr.Martens and Hello Kitty. In 2020, ten years after the previous collaboration, the two teams will re-tag to commemorate the 60th anniversary of both brands.

In this collection, women’s 8 holes of platform, 3 holes of “1461 QUAD” platform patent, 3 types of vegan platform sandals, as well as heart-shaped satchel bags and socks are also sold. A lineup of kids has been prepared so that parents and children can also enjoy matching.

Stick to a cute design with plenty of ribbons and hearts!

Dr. Martin’s classic silhouette and DNA are utilized while the design is playful. Iconic motifs such as the prints of Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimi, heart-shaped motifs, and Hello Kitty ribbon patterns were scattered around. A heart-shaped eyelet is also a point.


Dr.Martens × Hello Kitty Collaboration Collection

【Release Date】March 6, 2020 (Fri)
【Store】 Dr.Martens shops nationwide, Dr.Martens official online shop, some Sanrio shops, Sanrio online shop