【Nationwide】A limited edition Shiro no Whirl, “Osatsu no Whirl” will be available from the Komeda coffee shop!


Komeda Coffee will release seasonal Shiro no Whirl “Osatsu no Whirl” for a limited time from Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Osatsu no Whirl

“Osatsu no Whirl” is a limited menu only available in autumn using plenty of sweet potatoes.

Soft ice cream is decorated on the Danish bread sandwiched with cream made from sweet potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture. On top of that, Anno potato sauce from Tanegashima and sweet potato diced with corn roe and corn cut are topped. A creamy sweet potato texture, Anno potato sweetness, and sweet potato flesh are intertwined in your mouth, making it an irresistible dish for “sweet potato lovers”.

“Osatsu no Whirl” is available in full size that can be shared with friends, and mini size that is perfect for dessert after dinner.


OSATSU no Whirl

【Sales Schedule】October 1 (Tue) to late November 2019
【Price】Full 750 yen / Mini 550 yen
【Store】KOMEDA coffee stores nationwide