【Nationwide】A new BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE bag will be released in February.

From BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE, new bags from the spring / summer 2020 collection, such as the spring tote bag and the mirror-surfaced enamel shoulder, have appeared. Released in February 2020.



“LUCENT METALLIC” is a series of tote bags and pouches made of metallic frosted material, which is attractive in spring and soft colors. In addition to pale colors such as mint green and pink, warm and gentle colors such as orange, lavender and gray are available. The flat pouch is sized to be used as a bag-in-bag or clutch bag.

LUCENT METALLIC Tote Bag 34,000 yen + Tax / LUCENT METALLIC pouch 18,000 yen + Tax


“FLIPPER” is a pass case with a chain. Commuter passes and business cards can be stored. It is a color variation linked to “LUCENT METALLIC” and it is recommended to have it as a set.

FLIPPER pass case 17,000 yen + Tax


“PLATINUM MERMAID” is a bi-texture series that combines glamorous mirror materials and enamel materials. In addition to tote bags, large and small shoulder bags will be developed. A small shoulder bag with pockets on the sides is a small item that can be kept lightly with minimal belongings. It can be worn like an accessory.

PLATINUM MERMAID Tote bag 53,000 yen + Tax / Shoulder bag 50,000 yen + Tax / Small shoulder bag 36,000 yen + Tax

KURO’s new bag

The “KURO” series, which can be used in unisex, comes with an abstract marble pattern design. The marble pattern, which was accidentally created by kneading clay, was printed on the bag with a lively feeling. Starting with large backpacks and daypacks, we have a simple tote bag and Sakosh.

KURO HIKER 90,000 yen + Tax / DAYPACK 55,000 yen + Tax / CRISPY 38,000 yen + Tax / SASH 29,000 yen + Tax
*January 2020 release

Furthermore, in February, the color of the triangular piece, fabric and metal fittings was unified, and a lightly finished all-white bag was released. You will find dynamic tote bags and daypacks.

CART ONE-TONE 55,000 yen+Tax、CRISPY ONE-TONE 35,000 yen+Tax
DAYPACK ONE-TONE 51,000 yen+Tax、ORGANIZER ONE-TONE 22,000 yen+Tax


BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE Spring / Summer 2020

【Release Time】February, 2020
【Stores in Osaka】Hankyu Umeda Store, Hankyu Men’s Osaka, Osaka Takashimaya, Kintetsu Abeno Harukas Store