【Nationwide】A new kind of UV foam! ANESSA has released a limited-edition cool UV foam spray that can comfortably block UV even in summer.

Shiseido’s sunscreen brand ‘Anessa’ will release ‘Perfect UV Bubble Spray a’ on April 21 (Tue).

The cool exhilaration continues.

Perfect UV Bubble Spray a is a cool, refreshing, foam-type sunscreen spray. The lather pops up and leaves you with a cool and pleasant feeling.

In addition, the cool ingredients dissolve when you sweat or dip in water, and the cool feeling is restored. It has the strong UV protection and skincare effects of the Anessa brand, and is SPF 50+/PA++++ and contains 50% skincare ingredients.

Blocking powerful UV rays!

It also features Aqua Booster EX technology, which strengthens the UV blocking film when exposed to sweat or water and resists rubbing. It protects against powerful UV rays.

Even though it’s super water proof, it’s nice to be able to wash off with soap.

It’s a spray-type product that doesn’t get your hands dirty when you apply it, so it’s recommended for men who are shy, and it’s also comfortable when you travel to Japan in the summer! Be sure to check out these items that will help you enjoy the coming season’s powerful UV rays without having to worry about them.


Perfect UV Bubble Spray A

【Release Date】April 21, 2020
【Price】2,000 yen / 20g (Limited quantities)
【Store】Shiseido and drugstores in Japan, etc.
【Official Web site】http://anessa.shiseido.co.jp/