【Nationwide】”Chopper” Japanese sweets from “ONE PIECE”! will be released!

“Tabemasu (Eatable mascot) ONE PIECE Chopper” and “Tabemasu (Eatable mascot) ONE PIECE Chopper glitter eyes ver.” (2 types) / 258 yen each (tax excluded) will be available at 7-Eleven nationwide from Saturday, August 24, 2019.

What’s the “Tabemasu ONE PIECE Chopper?

This product expresses the whole body of a popular chopper at ONE PIECE with Japanese sweets. Both of them, as the name of “Eatable Mascot”, looked up diagonally upwards and reproduced the lovely figure of a chopper sitting satisfactorily with a total length of about 40 mm. “Eatable mascot ONE PIECE Chopper” (Cherry flavor) that reproduces the appearance of “two years ago” wearing a pink hat and “Eatable mascot ONE PIECE Chopper Glitter eyes ver.” (Chocolate flavor) that reproduces the appearance of “two years later” from the top war wearing a blue hat All 2 types are available.


Eatable Mascot, Chopper (Cherry flavor)
Eatable Mascot, Chopper Glitter eyes ver. (Chocolate flavor)

【Suggested retail price】258 yen + Tax
【Release Date】Aug. 24 2019
【Sales Location】Seven-Eleven chilled sweets corners nationwide
*Due to limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are gone.
*Some stores may not be available.