【Nationwide】Damn Cute! Hello! Kitty and Cinnamoroll dessert with “Pottery Cup” are on sale for a limited time at Ministop!


Since February 28, 2020, Ministop nationwide has been selling desserts for doll festivals with cute Hello Kitty and cinnamoroll pottery cups (some stores are not available).

Enjoy after eating

March 3 is the Doll’s (Girl’s) Festival. “Hina (Doll) Kitty and Hina (Doll) Festival Dessert with Cinnamol Roll Pottery Cup” is a ministop limited product for such a Doll’s (Girl’s) Festival. Hello Kitty is “Peach & Whip” and Cinnamoroll is “Soda & Whip”.

Kitty and cinnamoroll pottery are designed for dolls with cherry blossom petals and can be displayed side by side after eating. It’s so cute that you want to take it home at first glance. Please drop in if you see a Mini-Stop.


Doll’s Festival dessert with pottery cup of Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll

【Sales Period】Feb 28, 2020 to Ends as soon as sold out.
【Price】489 yen (includes tax)/each
【Store】MINISTOP nationwide