【Nationwide】Deep flavor and bittersweet “Otona (Adult) Noir” unique to the Komeda Coffee Shop will be on sale for a limited time.


From September 4, 2019 (Wednesday), the seasonal white noir “Adult Noir” will be resold as a seasonal product at the Komeda Coffee Stores nationwide.

Deep flavor and bittersweet.

Deeply roasted espresso-flavored coffee syrup is soaked between Danish breads, and the same coffee syrup is placed on top of the soft-serve ice cream, topping with cocoa-flavored feuillantine. The richness of coffee matches with the faint bitterness, and the soft sweetness of soft ice cream matches. Recommended pairing with Komeda original blend. There are two sizes available: a normal size that can be shared with everyone, and a mini size that is perfect for one person or a dessert after dinner.

Otona Noir 750 yen / Otona Noir mini 500 yen


【Sales period】Sep. 4 – the end of Sep.
【Stores】KOMEDA coffee stores nationwide