【Nationwide】Disney Princess Bear “Aladdin” is finally on Unibear City!

“Disney Princess BEAR by UniBEARsity” where the Japanese original character “UniBEARsity” popular in the Disney store became a princess motif.
As the sixth in the series, the bear of the movie “Aladdin” will finally join.


Aladdin’s uni-bear city “Sadik” expresses Aladdin’s hairstyle with black ears and fluffy long hair. The costumes you wear, such as hats, vests and pants, are also Aladdin itself.

4,536 yen (Tax-included)

Lyle Rose

“Lyle Rose” has the same emerald-green curly hair as a Jasmine dress.
It is an exotic feature with thick and long eyelashes.

4,536 yen (Tax-included)


With the motif of lamp genie Jeanie, “Saful” is a bear filled with blueness, ponytails, golden earrings, and bracelets. It is a lovely bear that looks a bit weird.

The emblem of the soles of the three bodies is also the point that “Saful” is embroidered in a limited edition of this series.

4,320 yen (Tax-included)


UniBEARsity, Aladdin Series

【Release Date】Online store May 14 / In store May 21
【Online Store】 https://store.disney.co.jp/c/c5630/
【Disney Store】Umeda Hep Five Store, Shinsaibashi Store,
Lucua Osaka Store, Abeno Q’s Mall Store