【Nationwide】Dry shampoo for feet was born! Release of “Foot-Medi Foot Dry Shampoo”.

From GRAPHICO’s easy foot care brand “Foot-Medi”, the “Foot-Medi Foot Dry Shampoo” is now available! The product went on sale at variety stores and drugstores nationwide on Thursday, March 26.

The feet are always smooth and smooth!

Foot-Medi Foot Dry Shampoo 1,200 yen (tax excluded) is a foot care spray that can be used for feet that cannot be washed quickly, and are concerned about sweat and sticky feet. Diatomaceous earth and other four types of powder ingredients (diatomaceous earth, silica, talc, and corn starch) absorb sweat and stickiness, making you feel refreshed with the new habit of “washing with powder”. It also contains 11 types of herbal extracts such as rosemary leaf extract, grape seed oil and jojoba seed oil as beauty ingredients.

The scent is a fresh “citrus soap scent” with lemon orange as the main ingredient and a blend of lemongrass and jasmine.

Easy and convenient foot care items!

To use it, shake the can well up and down and spray the right amount 10-15cm away from your bare feet!

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Foot-Medi, Foot Dry Shampoo

【Release Date】March 26
【Price】1,200 yen + Tax
【Store】Variety stores and drugstores across the country