【Nationwide】Enjoy the Pokemon Trainer Feeling! That monster ball becomes an insect basket, and will be released on June 8.

Monster Ball, which is a tool for catching Pokemon, will become a basket, reservations will be started online from June 1, and it will be released all over the country on June 8.

Become a Pokemon Trainer

“Put the captured insects in the monster ball insect basket”

“In order to fight, put out insects from the monster ball insect basket”

There are various types of Pokemon in the world of Pokemon, but this is a unique item that can be enjoyed like a Pokemon trainer.

Function as an insect basket.

While reproducing the mechanism that opens and closes in the same way as Monster Ball, make the shoulder strap flat to make it easy to carry, flatten the bottom so that the window that can be opened from the top to make it difficult for insects to escape, Function as a basket is also fulfilling.


Monster ball insect basket

【Release Date】June 8, 2019
【Retail Price】1,300 yen (+Tax)
【Online Store】 https://www.ironfactory-castem.com/product/detail/64/
*Currently accepting reservations.
*Ships sequentially from June 8
【Store】Some department store