【Nationwide】EVANGELION SPORTS and SNAP GEAR collaborates with each other, and the second edition is on its way!

The collaboration product of “Evangelion” and “SNAP GEAR”, “EVANGELION”. SPORTS x SNAP” bottle gear (Ray) (Mark.06) (NERV) will be released in August 2020. It will go on sale nationwide on Tuesday, March 4.

EVANGELION SPORTS x SNAP” bottle gear 1800 yen + tax each

For the upcoming season!

It’s already getting pretty hot, but this year, due to the prevention of COVID-19 infections, people are more likely to wear masks, which can lead to heat stroke. Hydration is essential to prevent heat stroke and to expel viruses and bacteria from the body. Don’t forget to keep that kind of hydration in mind, and always carry water with you here so that you can feel free to hydrate at any time!

Features of the Ray, Mark.06 and NERV bottle gear

Ray”: Indicates a plug-suit wearer. Locked silicon with the aircraft’s number “0”.
Mark.06″: expresses the color of the aircraft. Locked silicon with the fuselage number “6”.
NERV”: black all over to represent the organization. Locked silicon with “NERV” markings.

Pre-sale at EVANGELION STORE on July 17, 2012

Starting July 17, 2020, it will be available in advance in online stores and EVANGELION stores nationwide.

SNAP Bottle Gear Lineup

From left to right.
(1) the first unit (on sale), (2) the second unit (on sale), (3) Rey (new product), (4) Mark.06 (new product), (5) (5) NERV (New Product)

Package Image



【Price】1,800 yen + tax
【Applicable size】PET bottles under 500ml
Made in Japan

Advance Sale
【Release Date】July 17 (fri), 2020
【Store】Online Store
TOKYO-01 (Ikebukuro), HAKATA (Hakata), SHINJUKU (Shinjuku), Hakone Emphasis on EVANGELION STORE

Nationwide Release
【Release Date】Aug. 4 (tue)
【Store】Tokyu Hands, Loft, Tokyo “s Tokyo Haneda Airport Store, Travel Shop Toko, Yurindo, etc.