【Nationwide】Everyone traveling to live…Why don’t you enjoy the ultra spicy pizza roulette this Halloween in Japan?

From the delivery pizza chain store, Domino Pizza, from Monday, October 14, 2019 to Monday, November 4, “Halloween roulette” that you can enjoy one piece of ultra spicy pizza roulette and adults and children love Dessert pizza “Triple Chocolat” using authentic chocolate will be released for a limited time.

Halloween at home.

Domino Pizza will release “Halloween Roulette” as a new way to enjoy “Halloween at Home” that can be ordered for delivery or take-away. “Halloween roulette” is a product for Halloween where you can enjoy one piece of spicy pizza roulette (limited to online orders).

A spicy sauce “Boot Jolokia” is topped on one random piece of 8 cuts (M / R size) or 12 cuts (L size). When ordering your favorite pizza, you can select it for an additional charge of 0 yen!! The spicy sauce is hard to see, so why not enjoy this year’s Halloween while enjoying the thrill of thrilling excitement as to which piece to eat?

Triple Chocolat Pizza

There will also be a chocolate dessert pizza for Halloween only. You can enjoy three chocolate flavors. Is this a dessert? Or pizza? If you do n’t try it, you won’t know! This year’s Halloween is full of excitement and excitement!


Halloween Roulette
Triple Chocolat Pizza

【Sales period】October 14 (Mon)-November 4 (Mon), 2019
【How to order Halloween roulette】
① Choose pizza as you like. (You can play roulette with any pizza!)
② Add “Halloween Roulette” as an option for free.
*There is only one piece of hot spicy sauce “Boot Jolokia” per pizza.
【Price】Halloween Roulette (Option fee) : 0 yen,
Triple Chocolat Pizza (M size, Ultra crispy dough Only) : 999 yen

【Domino Pizza Online】 https://www.dominos.jp/en