【Nationwide】Fall already! ? Autumn potato and chestnut are limited release from KitKat!

Good news for those who can come to Japan around the end of August.
Nestlé Japan Co., Ltd. will launch KitKat Aki Imo (Autumn potato) and KitKat Aki Kuri (Autumn Chestnut) on Monday, August 19 as chocolates with a taste of autumn.

This product features sweet potato and chestnut powder in the wafer layer, and sweet potato and chestnut flavor in the white chocolate part, and features “sweet sweet potato” and “mellow sweet chestnut taste”. You can enjoy the taste of autumn with a combination of crispy “Kit Kat” and autumn potatoes and autumn chestnuts that give you a sense of feeling and smell.

Kit Kat mini, Aki imo (Autumn Potato) / 500 yen

Kit Kat mini, Aki-guri (Autumn Chestnut) / 500 yen

It can be purchased at supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores nationwide from August 19th.