【Nationwide】From November 15th, Mr. Donuts will release “Misdo Party Choo Collection” for a limited time


Mr. Donuts collaborates with Nintendo Switch’s “Pocket Monster Sword Shield”. The menu and goods titled “Misdo Party Choo Collection” will be available for limited release at Mister Donuts nationwide from Friday, November 15, 2019.

The theme of “Party with Pokemon”

Continuing from 2018, Mr. Donut is a tag with Pokémon. This year, under the theme of “Party with Pokemon”, cute donuts, drinks, and tableware that are perfect for Christmas parties will be available.

Pokemon limited donut

The limited edition donut “Missed Pokemon Donut” with “Pokemon” as the main feature is a lineup of all three types.

Pikachu again

“Pikachu Donut”, which appears in 2018, is a dish inspired by the popular character Pikachu. Plenty of whipped cream is trapped inside the dough coated with banana-flavored chocolate. The bright red cheek of the charm point has a granular chocolate on it and is cutely reproduced.

Pon de Ring becomes a monster ball!

Monster ball type donut “Pon de Monster Ball” is a new product based on the popular product “Pon de Ring” of Mr. Donuts. The top of the dough is coated with strawberry-flavored red glaze and half of white chocolate, giving it a realistic look.

“Pikachu’s tail” born from SNS

The last is a donut that was soliciting names on SNS as “French cruller inspired by Pikachu”. The final choice of naming from the gathered options was “Pikachu’s tail”. As the name suggests, the finished French cruller has a unique appearance that “Pikachu’s tail” pops out of a banana-flavored chocolate-coated fabric.

Popular tapioca (boba) drink also appeared

What you want to enjoy together with a donut is a limited tapioca (boba) drink inspired by the new Pokemon from the Nintendo Switch software “Pocket Monster Sword Shield”. Drinks based on carbonated soda are full of flavored tapioca, inspired by all three types of Pokemon. “Grookey” has a muscat flavor, “Scorbunny” has a peach flavor, and “Sobble” has a lychee flavor.

“Christmas set” with Pokemon goods

If you are a “Pokemon fan”, do n’t miss the Christmas set that comes with “Pokemon” goods for your donuts and drinks. In addition to the mug that appeared last year, plates will also be added to the 2019 goods. You can choose one type of item from all two types of variations: “Party” where Pikachu and others enjoy the party, and “Face” that captures the appearance of Pokemon.

Ornate “Pon de leasing” series

During the same period, a limited menu “Pon de Ries” series with a gorgeous look like “Christmas wreath” will also appear. Strawberry-flavored grace and chocolate-coated tops topped with seven colors of sugar make a great souvenir for the party.


Mr. Donuts x Pokemon

【Sales period】November 15th (Fri) – late December 2019
【Stores】All Mr. Donut stores (Excluding some stores)
【Inquiry】 0120-112-020