【Nationwide】From Tully’s Coffee, “Food Chestnut” Cafe latte “Maple Marron Latte” & Apple Fruit Fruit Tea will be released.


TULLY’S COFFEE will release “Enjoy Chestnut” latte “Maple Marron Latte” from Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

Maple Marron Latte

Tully’s Coffee’s new “Maple Marron Latte” is a drink that you can fully enjoy the taste of autumn “Chestnut”. Plenty of chestnut dice on the latte-flavored latte. Finished with maple sauce that complements the chestnut flavor.

If you taste a bite, the fragrant and mellow marron flavor will spread and you will feel relaxed. It is recommended to enjoy not only hot drinks but also ice drinks.

& TEA Apple Caramelize Tea

On the same day, apple fruit tea “& TEA Apple Caramelize Tea” also appeared. Two colors of apple flesh with the image of caramelize were topped on tea using apple juice. The refreshing flavor that weaves apple and Earl Gray tea is attractive. This is a limited time drink, so check it out early if you are interested.


Tully’s Coffee New Fall 2019

【Release date】September 4, 2019
“Maple Marron Latte” Short 530 yen / Tall 580 yen
“& TEA Apple Caramelize Tea” Tall 490 yen / Grande 540 yen