【Nationwide】From Tully’s, “Fuchi beaful®” will appear, hanging from the edge of the cup!!

From Tully’s Coffee, “Fuchi Bearful®” will be released for a limited time and in limited quantities as a set with seasonal drinks.

Fuchi(Edge) Bearful®

Teddy Bear’s Bearful® was born in 2012. The name “Bareful®” includes the idea that “everyone who meets this teddy bear will be happy and filled with a lovely smile”. Since its birth, it has appeared in Tully’s coffee goods in conjunction with seasonal events such as Halloween and Valentine, delivering exciting emotions and smiles to customers.

This time, “Bearful®” will appear as a “Fuchi Bearful®” hanging on the edge of a cup, etc., in three different poses, in a set with a holiday season limited drink. Please collect 3 kinds of adorable facial expressions and forms for each of them, such as taking a photo on the edge of the cup or decorating it on your desk. Fuchi Beaful® is coming for the first time this year, so a scramble to get will be expected.

The first “Santa Clause” November 11th (Mon) ~

2nd “Candy Cane” November 16th (Sat) ~

Available drinks for the first and second Bearful® (all sizes):
① “Mascal Ponety Lamis Latte” ② “& TEA Peach Melba Royal Milk Tea”

Two drinks “taste like Dolce” will appear from November 1st (Fri.)

On November 1 (Friday), the latte “Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte” will be released with the motif of the classic Dolce “Tiramisu” from Northern Italy. This is a glass of mascarpone whipped cream with a creamy and rich taste, richness like tiramisu, and a gorgeous look decorated with freeze-dried strawberries.

The & TEA Peach Melba Royal Milk Tea, released on the same day, is a royal milk tea that combines a vanilla-flavored peach compote and raspberry sauce with the motif of the British-born dessert “Peach Melba”. By adding the acidity of raspberry to the mellow and sweet scent of royal milk tea, the rich but refreshing aftertaste lingers.

3rd “Holiday Cup” November 27th (Wed) ~

Available drinks for the third Bearful® (all sizes):
① “Irish Latte” ② “& TEA Strawberry Mascarpone Milk Tea”

Two new drinks appearing on November 27.

There will be two Christmas limited drinks following “Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte” and “& TEA Peach Melba Royal Milk Tea” to be released on Friday, November 1, 2019. One is the “& TEA Strawberry Mascarpone Milk Tea”, which is a topical cheese tea arranged in a Tully style. Based on royal milk tea, topped with mascarpone whip and strawberry mascara sauce.

“Irish latte” is a cup of Irish coffee, which is said to have originated in Ireland. This drink, which has been in its 10th year since its release, can be said to be the staple of Tully’s winter, and you can feel a rich taste like espresso body and burnt caramel.


Fuchi (Edge) Bearful®

You can add “Fuchi Bearful®” to eligible drinks for +320 yen + tax (10%).
【1st】”Santa Clause” November 11th (Monday) ~
【2nd】“Candy Cane” November 16th (Sat) ~
【3rd】”Holiday Cup” November 27th (Wed) ~

*There is no sale of Fuchi Bearful® only.
*Pre-sale / reservation is not possible.
*For each type, 1 cup per person, up to 2 cups.
*End as soon as it is gone.

Drinks for Fuchi Bearful®

Released Nov. 1st
“Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte”
Short 470 yen + tax / Tall 520 yen + tax / Grande 570 yen + tax
“& TEA Peach Melba Royal Milk Tea”
Short 480 yen + tax / Tall 530 yen + tax / Grande 580 yen + tax
*These two drinks available for 1st and 2nd Fuchi Bearful®

Released Nov. 27
“Irish Latte”
Short 450 yen + tax /Tall 500 yen + tax / Grande 550 yen + tax
“& TEA Strawberry Mascarpone Milk Tea”
Short 470 yen + tax / Tall 520 yen + tax / Grande 570 yen + tax
* These two drinks available for 3rd Fuchi Bearful®