【Nationwide】gelato pique introduces “Sakura” motif room wear! Limited release!

gelato pique introduces “Sakura motif” room wear. Limited release from Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Room wear & miscellaneous goods of changing “Sakura” image.

The cherry blossoms are the most intense at the time of bud, and change lightly as they bloom in full bloom. gelato piqué puts the transition of cherry blossoms, a feature of spring, into room wear, completing a romantic design.

Sakura Long Dress

7,400 yen + Tax

“Sakura Long Dress” with a light touch depicting cherry blossoms from buds to petals. Featuring a relaxing silhouette below the knee and ribbon detailing, it is finished in a feminine style.

Shirt pajamas with petal embroidery

Flower satin shirt 6,400 yen + Tax
Flower satin shorts 4,200 yen + Tax

Refreshing shirt pajamas are embroidered with cherry blossom petals. The falling flower petals are drawn on the breast pocket of the Flower Satin Shirt and the hem of the Flower Satin Shorts.

Thick rib cardigan

Cardigan 6,600 yen + Tax

The cardigan, which has the motif of “Karesansui (Japanese rock garden)” in a Japanese garden, features a thick rib reminiscent of “Karesansui”. It’s lighter than you imagine when you pass through your sleeves, like a petal of falling cherry blossoms. It is also recommended to coordinate with the leggings in a dress style.

Pouch studded with buds and petals

In addition, miscellaneous goods such as pouches and tissue pouches studded with buds and petals will also be available for limited release.

Pouch 3,000 yen + tax, Vanity porch 3,200 yen + tax, Vanity porch 3,200 yen + tax


gelato piqué Sakura Fair
【Release Date】Limited release on Friday, March 18, 2020
【Store】gelato piqué nationwide