【Nationwide】GODIVA convenience store limited new ice bar has been released!


New flavor “Strawberry & Crunch Coconut” appeared in the “Chocolate Ice Bar” series that GODIVA is developing only at convenience stores, and will be released in limited quantities at Lawsons nationwide from Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Strawberry & Crunch Coconut

GODIVA’s “Chocolate Bar Ice” is a product that allows you to easily enjoy the taste of a luxurious adult with a chocolate and texture.

The newly introduced “Strawberry & Crunch Coconut” is an ice cream bar with strawberry puree wrapped in white chocolate and topped with coconut. Strawberry ice full of fruit and white chocolate with a pleasant coconut texture. It is an adult ice cream bar that can be enjoyed with a mellow sweetness and a refreshing fruity feel as if fondue is made of white chocolate.


GODIVA Chocolate ice cream bar
“Strawberry & Crunch Coconut”

【Release Date】Oct. 1st 2019
【Price】330 yen + Tax
【Sales Store】National Lawson, Daily Yamazaki, Poplar, etc.
*Ends as soon as it is gone.