【Nationwide】Golf wear brand “Jack Bunny !!” and popular character “Doraemon” collaborate! Many limited items!

The golf wear brand “Jack Bunny !!” has collaborated with the popular Japanese character “Doraemon”, and is directly managed from August 9 (Friday) to August 25 (Sunday). “Jack Bunny !! Doraemon Festival” will be held at some stores.

The third collaboration

This time, the third collaboration, a Doraemon head cover with neon-colored sunglasses and a polo shirt with a full pattern! There are special Doraemon items only for Jack Bunny like Doraemon with rabbit ears.


About Jack Bunny

Established in 2013 as a second line derived from “PEARLY GATES”, which leads the golf apparel industry. In addition to men’s and ladies’, junior sizes are also available.

“Swing every day”

Based on the concept of making golf more everyday, it is a brand that proposes free golf wear that is not limited by pop and common sense.


Jack Bunny

You can shop for collaboration items.
【Shop List】 https://www.jack-bunny.net/shoplist/
【Online Store】 https://store.tsigs.com/pearlygates/jb/
*There is only one store in Osaka