【Nationwide】Good News for Muslims♪ An emergency meal for Muslims with an authentic ethnic flavor is born!

Onishi Foods, which is well known for its alpha rice emergency and space food, has launched Onishi’s Nasi Goren and Onishi’s Biryani, authentic emergency foods with ethnic flavors for Muslims, on Tuesday, April 21.

Authentic Halal Emergency Food with Ethnic Flavor

Onishi’s Nasi Goreng” and “Onishi’s Biryani” are Halal emergency foods that can be used as emergency food or stockpiled food to meet the recent Halal demand.

“The company, which develops products that can be eaten safely by people of all walks of life, including Muslims, based on its philosophy of providing peace of mind and unexpected happiness, obtained halal certification and launched its products in 2015. This time, the company has commercialized an emergency food as a Halal-certified food.

The lineup includes Nasi Goreng and Biryani.

Onishi’s Nasi Goreng is a traditional fried rice dish from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Onishi’s biryani is a cooked rice with spices that is eaten in India and the Middle East.

In case you don’t know when you’re going to visit, it’s convenient to buy and stock emergency food in Japan that you’re used to eating, even if you don’t bring it from home!

Just add water and you’re done! Dishless and convenient♪

The recipe is as simple as pouring hot water or water into both of them. The content of the product is 80g, but when it is ready, it is 192g. Also, both products come with a spoon, so no dishes are needed.

The price is 340 yen each (tax included). The long shelf life of all the products is 5 years and 6 months, which is a nice touch. It has a long shelf life, so you can take it back to your home country and stock it as an emergency food!

In addition, Onishi Shokuhin has created a page to introduce alpha rice in detail, so if you’re interested, please check it out here.


Onishi’s Nasi Goreng / Onishi’s Biryani

【Release Date】April 21, 2020
【Introduction to Alpha Rice】https://www.onisifoods.co.jp/products/introduction.html
【Main stores handling】Ishii Sports, Kojitsu Sanso, Tokyu Hands
*It will probably be available on Amazon soon, but it’s currently on sale on the Rakuten market.