【Nationwide】GU and Sabon have collaborated! Mint pajamas with a chilly feel are on sale!

GU and SABO have collaborated on a new collaboration project: GU’s fresh mint-themed mint pajamas will go on sale on Monday, May 25, 2020.

Mint pajamas with cool touch from GU

The new pile pajamas are a refreshing mint green color with a mint ingredient kneaded into them. It has a cool contact feeling and a moisturizing function to keep you comfortable during the humid season.

The lineup consists of a set of short-sleeved and shorts and one-piece pajamas, plus a wide hairband, lounge gown and sandal-type pile lounge shoes in all five types. In addition to mint green, there are other colors such as navy and white.

The original can case is given away at the GU store.

At GU stores and online, the mint pajamas will be available as a limited-edition novelty in an original can case with two 4mL SABON face polisher samples and a redemption ticket for other SABON skin care products. It will end while supplies last, so if you’re curious about it, check it out as soon as possible.

Original hair bands are given away at SABON stores!

The new skincare line “Fresh & Glow” including “Face Polisher Refreshing” will be available at SABON stores from May 28 (Thu). To coincide with this, GU x SABON original hair band will be given to those who purchase at least 8,000 yen (including tax) including new skincare line ‘Fresh & Glow’ at SABON stores.


Mint Pajamas

【Release Date】May 25 (Mon), 2020
【Store】GU stores nationwide and the official GU online store
Pile pajamas (short sleeves) 2,990 yen + tax
Size: XS to XXL

Pile Pajama Dress (short sleeves): 2,990 yen + tax
Size: XS to XXL

Lounge gown 2,990 yen + tax (only available in super large stores)
Size: M, L

Pile Lounge Hairband 790 yen + tax (only available in large stores)
Size: One size fits all

Pile lounge shoes: 990 yen + tax (only available in large stores)
Size: One size fits all

*All three colors are available.
*XS and XXL are only available on our online store.