【Nationwide】Häagen-Dazs will release new Matcha ice-cream!


Häagen-Dazs will release a new ice cream, “MIDORI -dark tea-” commemorating the 35th anniversary of its release in Japan from July 9 for a limited time.

“Midori ~ dark tea ~” inspired by the “dark tea” which is a kind of green tea drinking style and considered to be the highest hospitality in the tea ceremony. It is a special Matcha ice cream that reproduces the taste of its “dark tea”, which is often used in graded green tea and features strong umami and mild flavor.

Item Information

Häagen-Dazs 35th Anniversary Product “Midori -Dark Tea-“

【Release Date】July 9th *Limited Time
【Price】350 yen (includes tax)
【Sales store】Nationwide supermarket, CVS, etc