【Nationwide】Hachitendo’s Creamy Bread Flavored “CHOCO PIE” will be on sale!


Lotte’s Chocolate Pie and the popular cream-filled pastry shop Yatsutendo have collaborated again. Hachitendo’s Choco Pie will go on sale nationwide on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

CHOCO PIE made with “new tea”

Following on from April 2020, this is the second collaboration with Hattendo. This time of year is inspired by Hachtendo’s seasonal bread made with “new tea”, which is only available at this time of year. It’s a seasonal flavored sandwich of Shincha custard kurimu, a replica of Hachtendo’s kurimu bread, and a chocolate cake sandwich with a sauce containing new tea from 2020.

Around 95 yen + tax

When you take a bite of the “CHOCO PIE”, the generous amount of sauce and cream melts away and is refreshing! The scent of new green tea fills your mouth. Why not try it as a “reward treat” for a hard day’s work or for a change of pace?


Hachitendo x Lotte “Hachitendo Choco Pie
“New Tea Scented Custard Cream Flavor”

【Release Date】June 30 (Tue), 2020
【Price】Around 95 yen + Tax
【Store】Nationwide (Supermarket, CVS etc.)