【Nationwide】Have you already drunk a new GODIVA drink? SAKURA (Cherry blossom) × White Chocolate Spring Drink “Chocolixir Sakura”


The facilities here and there are temporarily closed, so you might feel depressed. In such a case, why not refresh your mood by eating and drinking delicious foods?
GODIVA is launching a new flavor “Chocolixir Sakura” of the chocolate drink “Chocolixir” from February 16 (Sun) to April 9 (Thu), 2020 for a limited time only at Godiva stores. It is a limited drink that can only be enjoyed in Japan now.

Chocolixir Sakura

“Chocolixir Sakura” is a chocolate drink where fragrant Sakura and white chocolate melt together. Sakura jelly and pink chocolate chips, which look like petals of cherry blossoms, are topped on whipped cream to image the cherry blossoms reflected on the water surface and the warm spring sunshine.

In the cold chocolate drink, small crushed white chocolate adds a pleasant texture. You can enjoy the gentle and gorgeous taste of spring.


GODIVA “Chocolixir Sakura”

【Sales Period】February 16 (Sun)-April 9 (Thu) 2020
*Limited quantity / Ends as soon as it runs out
【Price】630 yen + Tax
【Store】GODIVA nationwide