【Nationwide】If you see it, buy it! Maybe. HEINZ releases limited edition Snoopy label tomato ketchup!

Heinz, famous for its tomato ketchup, has released a limited edition bottle featuring Snoopy’s design from the popular comic strip PEANUTS. It will be available nationwide in limited quantities from early August 2020.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 460g upside down, 260yen + tax (limited quantity)

Original Design Bottle

Heinz’s tomato ketchup features an upside-down bottle design that brings out the true flavor of the tomatoes. This time, the tomato ketchup will be available in an original Peanuts design bottle, which will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original manga in October 2020.

There are three original labels: “Snoopy sleeping on an omelet,” “Snoopy and an omelet with a portrait of Snoopy,” and “Tomato and Snoopy. They are all designed to be fun to have on the table.

It’s on sale in early August, so it looks like it’s already in stores. Snoopy fans need to buy it as soon as they find it!


Heinz Tomato Ketchup Upside Down Bottle 460g
Peanuts Limited Design Label

【Sales Period】Early August 2020 – Ends when supplies last.
【Store】Nationwide volume retailers and others
【Price】260 yen + Tax