【Nationwide】It looks cute but it’s full-blown Junmai Ginjo! Local sake “Akita dog label Junmai Ginjo” in Akita Prefecture appeared!

Akita inu, a Japanese dog designated as a natural monument with Shiba Inu and Kishu ken. Cute sake “Akita dog label Junmai Ginjo” which adopted such Akita dog for label design has appeared!

Authentic Junmai Ginjo

It is not a so-called buying a product because of the look of the packaging, but the contents are authentic Junmai Ginjo so that customers who purchased it as a souvenir can think of it as “it’s great local sake in Akita!”. This SAKE is a bit dry and excellent with the food! As a souvenir, a gift or a gift, it is a product of confidence that you can be delighted not only in appearance but also in taste.

Also 300ml size perfect for souvenirs

The 720ml (4 go bin) is too heavy for souvenirs, so 300ml sizes are also available! You can take a cute Akita inu (SAKE) as a souvenir.

Left) 720 ml, 1,350 yen / Right) 300 ml, 562 yen

Item Information

“Akita inu label Junmai Ginjo”

【Price】720ml, 1250 yen (+Tax) / 300ml, 520 yen (+Tax)
【Alcohol degree】16 degree
【Preservation method】At normal temperature
【Online Store】https://fukunotomo.co.jp/SHOP/254954/list.html