【Nationwide】Ita Chocolate Ice Cream collaborates with Attack on Titan!


Morinaga’s popular ice cream ‘Ita Chocolate Ice Cream (Chocolate bar ice cream)’ is collaborating with anime ‘Attack on Titan’. It will be released nationwide for a limited time on April 13 (Mon), 2020 as ‘Attack on Titan Back Cover Package’. If you’re not in Japan right now, it might be difficult to buy one… but this is the kind of thing that’s available… even if it’s just for information.

The caption means, “You can’t buy it in a bookstore, Attack on Titan, all 10 volumes.

What is “Ita chocolate ice cream (Chocolate bar ice cream)”?

Morinaga’s “Ita Chocolate Ice Cream” is an ice cream that you can enjoy the authentic taste of Belgian chocolate. As the name implies, it has a unique “chocolate board” look, and is filled with cool vanilla ice cream with just the right amount of sweetness. Until now, the ice cream has been sold only seasonally, but the decision to start selling it year-round from spring 2020 has attracted a lot of attention.

Attack on Titan Back Cover Package.

The “Attack on Titan Back Cover Package” is a limited edition ice cream that is a must-see for anime fans, with the “Attack on Titan Back Cover” style design of the box that serves as the package for the “Attack on Titan Chocolate Ice”.

A total of 10 types of packages are available with visuals of popular characters such as Eren in volume 1, Mikasa in volume 2, Levi in volume 4, etc. The more different designs you buy, the more your refrigerator becomes a “bookshelf” of ice cream.



Attack on Titan Back Cover Package

【Release Date】April 13 (Mon), 2020 *Ends as soon as supplies last.
【Sales Area】Nationwide
【Price】70mL 151 yen (tax included)