【Nationwide】It’s like the grilled corn you eat at a food stand! For a limited time only, the “Tomoriko” companion products are now available.

Calbee’s “Tomoriko” series is now available for a limited time as a savory flavored “Tomoriko Yaki (grilled) Corn Flavor”! The product will be available in convenience stores from Monday, May 4 (Mon), and in non-convenience stores from Monday, May 18 (Mon).

The image of grilled corn eating at a food stand.

Calbee’s “SOZAIRIKO” series uses ingredients other than potatoes as the main ingredient, and the original taste of each ingredient can be tasted with the pleasant crispy texture of “jagariko”. Currently, “Tomoriko,” which is mainly made from sweet corn, and “Edamariko,” which is mainly made from edamame, are on sale.

A new flavor of “Tomoriko”, which is the Tomoriko Grilled Corn Flavor, is now available, based on the image of grilled corn eaten at food stand. The flavor and aroma of soy sauce is added to the “tohmoriko”, and the natural sweetness of the sweet corn is enhanced by the deliciousness of the baked dish dipped in soy sauce.

Packaged with a convenient zipper

The “Tomoriko Grilled Corn Flavor” 140 yen (including tax) is a bite-sized product that is easy to eat and contains 1.6 grams of corn-derived dietary fiber per bag.

The package has a series-like design that aligns with the standard “Tomoriko”. A large photo of baked corn is placed at the top, making it easy to image the taste. It comes with a convenient zipper so you can enjoy the right amount when you want!

Sales are expected to last until early August.

You can only taste this season’s limited-edition “Tomoriko” flavors, so be sure to try them!