【Nationwide】It’s Strawberry Festival! Eight new strawberry sweets from Bourbon!

A wide variety of “Strawberry Fair” products with a strawberry flavor will be available for sale for a limited time from November 26 to January 2020.

List of products to be released

CHOCOLAT ELISE Amaou Strawberry

Stick wafer with strawberry cream wrapped in crispy and lightly textured wafer and then coated with strawberry chocolate. Amaou strawberry powder from Fukuoka Prefecture is used.

180 yen +Tax

Petit Strawberry Langdosha

A lightly textured Langdosha cookie with sandy sweet and sour strawberry cream. With a refreshing flavor, you can enjoy the original taste of strawberries.

80 yen + Tax

Petit Strawberry Biscuits

Flavored biscuits kneaded with wheat germ and fresh strawberry cream sandwiched. You can also enjoy a sweet and sour refreshing taste here.

80 yen + Tax

157g Alfort Strawberry

Slightly baked bittersweet cocoa biscuits and sweet and sour strawberry chocolate are combined. It is a large bag product containing only strawberry flavored Alfort.

350 yen + Tax

130g Mini balm roll strawberry cream

A mini balm roll wrapped in a mini-sized roll cake wrapped in sweet and sour strawberry cream.

350 yen

20 Roanne Strawberry

Sweet and sour strawberry cream is sandwiched with a gaufrettes with a crispy texture and savory taste. There are “light texture”, “melt-in-the-mouth feeling”, “roasting aroma”, and “richness”, and it is a “gaufrettes” that you want to eat with your family and friends.

350 yen + Tax

40 ELISE Strawberry

A refreshing sour strawberry cream is sandwiched with a crispy wafer.

350 yen + Tax

140g Mini Silvaine Strawberry

It’s Bourbon original triangular chocolate cake. It’s also a moist and baked cake which sweet and sour strawberry jelly and strawberry cream are sandwiched and coated with chocolate.

350 yen + Tax


8 Strawberry Sweet Snacks from Burbon

【Release Date】November 26 (Thu), 2019
【Sales Period】till January, 2020
【Stores】CVS, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, supermarkets, etc. throughout Japan