【Nationwide】Japan-only blended flavored tea, Lipton Strawberry Tea and Lipton Ume Tea are available today.

From the black tea brand Lipton, Lipton Strawberry Tea and Lipton Ume Tea will be launched today at supermarkets and general retailers nationwide.

Tea bag type tea with strawberries and plums like spring

The Lipton Strawberry Tea, which can enjoy the immovable popular fruit “Strawberry”, is a tasteful black tea with the taste and aroma of a freshly picked juicy fresh strawberry. In addition to the sweet aroma and refreshing aftertaste, the blend that suppresses bitterness and astringency is also delicious for strawberry milk tea.

“Lipton Ume Tea” is a fragrant black tea with an elegant and refreshing scent that can be enjoyed in Japan, and a refreshing scent that spreads through the mouth. It is recommended to arrange with sweet umeboshi and honey.

Japanese pattern package is perfect for souvenirs

Japanese-style package design with strawberries and plum blossoms is perfect for souvenirs in Japan! The price is 300 yen (excluding tax) for 12 bags, so it is perfect for souvenirs such as workplaces and friends.


Japan-only blended flavored tea, “Strawberry Tea” & “Ume Tea” by Lipton

【Release Date】March 1st, 2020
【Price】300 yen + Tax / box (12 tea bags)
【Store】Supermarkets, mass retailers and general retailers nationwide