【Nationwide】”Japanese Shiro-noir” and “Ogura Noir” have been on sale at Komeda Coffee since February 20.


Seasonal Shiro-noir “Ogura (sweet adzuki (red) bean paste) Noir” has begun to be sold at Komeda Coffee on Thursday, February 20, 2020 for a limited time.

Ogura-Noir 750 yen-770 yen (tax included) / Mini Ogura-Noir 550 yen-570 yen (tax included)
※ Price varies according to stores.

*Shiro-Noir is a specialty menu offered at Komeda Coffee, a dessert with soft serve ice cream on warm Danish bread. Add more syrup when eating.

“Ogura-Noir” is back!

“Japanese Shiro-noir” and “Ogura-noir” reappear with the attractive sweetness of red bean! It is a luxurious dish made of topping soft cream and strawberry sauce on other Danish bread made by Komeda’s special Ogura An (Sweet red bean paste). Mellow soft ice cream and sweet and sour strawberry sauce are entwined to enhance the sweetness of red beans.

“Ogura-Noir” is available in a normal size that can be shared and tasted, and a mini size that is perfect for after-meal desserts and alone.


Komeda Coffee, Seasonal Shiro-noir “Ogura-Noir”

【Sales Period】February 20 (thu), 2020 to late March 2020
【Store】Komeda Coffee Nationwide