【Nationwide】“Large Apollo Finest One” sweet and sour strawberry cream and dark chocolate will be released from March 24!


Meiji “Apollo” and Club Harie collaborate. “Large Apollo II finest one” will be released nationwide for a limited time from March 24, 2020 (Tuesday).

Finest one

Meiji “Apollo” has teamed up again with “Crab Harie”, a Japanese confectionery manufacturer that sells cakes and baked goods. This time, the special “Large Apollo Finest One” will be sold nationwide.

The two layers of chocolate have different flavors in the upper and lower layers. Sweet and sour strawberry cream with fragrant Sengasengana strawberry and dark chocolate mixed with cacao pulp juice were combined. If you take a bite, you can enjoy a fruity and deep taste. It’s a limited time release, so be sure to check it out early!


“Large Apollo Finest One”

【Release Date】March 24 (Tue), 2020 *Limited time release
【Price】305 yen + Tax
【Store】CVS nationwide, Supermarket, retail stores