【Nationwide】Limited body mist is back! Aqua Savon x Fujiya Body Mist will be available in limited quantities from February 16th.

The fragrance of Fujiya’s classic candy “Milky” and the body mist of the popular scent in the “Aqua Savon” series will be released on February 16 (Sun).

New scent added

In addition to the previous series, which sold out quickly, this time, a new type of “Pecora-chan” design x “Favorite soap scent” will be added and will be released in limited quantities.

Four types of scents are available, including the popular scent in the “Aqua Soap” series and the scent of Fujiya’s classic candy “Milky”. There are 48 kinds of “PECO 48” designs in addition to the original designs for “Milky” fragrance.

From Left) New one, Pecora-chan Design (Favorite soap scent)
Watery shampoo scent, Fujiya’s classic candy, milky scent, White cotton scent
1,000 yen / each


Aqua Savon × Fujiya Body Mist

【Price】1,000 yen + Tax / 100ml
【Release Date】February 16 (Sun), 2020
【Store】General merchandise stores nationwide, Some drug stores