【Nationwide】Luxurious sweets filled with matcha that let you taste the charm of matcha with your five senses! Häagen-Dazs’ crispy sandwich “Matcha Ensemble” is on sale today for a limited time only!


Häagen-Dazs Japan’s crispy sandwich “Matcha Ensemble” will go on sale nationwide today, Tuesday, May 12, for a limited time.

The more you bite into it, the more the harmony of “Matcha-filled tea” spreads.

The crispy and sweet matcha coating is filled with a rich matcha ice cream with the addition of bittersweet matcha cookies, and the crunchy matcha wafer is sandwiched with a crunchy matcha wafer to enjoy the true color and aroma of matcha. Please enjoy the harmony of matcha tea with your five senses to the fullest.

Points of refinement ①…Matcha ice cream with a delicate sweetness.

This ice cream combines the rich taste of green tea with the flavor of milk. With the overall balance in mind, we have created a flavor in which you can not only enjoy the umami of matcha, but also the richness of the milk that only Haagen-Dazs can provide.

Points of refinement ②…Moist and bittersweet green tea cookies.

The cookies have a bittersweet taste so that you can feel the bitterness of matcha. In addition, the moist texture gives it a change in texture.

Points of refinement ③…Crunchy matcha coating and crunchy matcha wafer.

The crispy matcha coating and crunchy matcha wafer is also a great accent to the texture. Enjoy the original color and rich aroma of matcha before you even bite into it.

Now on sale, crispy sandwiches that can be enjoyed in one hand!

Häagen-Dazs crispy sandwich “The Caramel”

The new Crispy Sand caramel flavor was reborn in January of this year with the aim of creating a “true caramel” flavor. The richness of milk and rich caramel sweetness of the caramel ice cream is highlighted by the milky caramel coating, and the caramel flavor is enjoyed to the fullest.

Häagen-Dazs Crispy Sand “Strawberry truffle” (limited time only)

The slightly sweet and sour strawberry ice cream is filled with a mildly sweet ganache sauce, wrapped in a brightly colored, crispy strawberry chocolate coating, and sanded with a bittersweet cocoa wafer.” You can enjoy the luxurious taste of “strawberry truffle”.


Hagen-Dazs crispy sandwich “Matcha ensemble” (limited time only)

【Volume】 60ml
【Price】295 yen (Suggested retail price, excluding consumption tax)
【Release Date】 May 12, 2020
Nationwide supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, etc.

A little happiness in the midst of self-restraint♪