【Nationwide】Matcha dessert appeared to Denny’s!


Denny’s launched “Matcha Dessert” using Kyoto-made Uji Matcha from June 11 as a limited season dessert.


Uji Matcha’s The Sundae
813 yen + Tax

It is the Sundae that the elegant smell and bitterness of “Kyoto Uji Matcha” and the taste spread in the mouth colorfully with each bite. There are many layers of Japanese materials such as cream and jelly from “domestic hojicha”, glutinous white balls, and azaleas. At the top of the sundae is green tea brownie with a moist texture that feels the refined sweetness of Hokkaido Dainagon (Azuki bean) and the richness of white chocolate.

Mini Parfait of Uji Matcha and Hoji Tea
456 yen + Tax

Mini parfait, which tastes colorful and intense Uji Matcha ice cream, fragrant hojicha jelly and hojicha cream together, comes with boiled azuki bean and rice-flour dumplings, etc., and has good palate feeling.

Dark tea jelly
406 yen + Tax

It is a dark tea jelly that use carefully selected only the most picked tea leaves of Kyoto Uji and taste with a clean jelly. Boiled azuki beans are hiding inside.

Uji Matcha’s Pancake
508 yen + Tax

A lightly buttermilk-flavored pancake, rich in Uji Matcha green tea cream, green tea, black honey and honey syrup are mixed.

Uji Matcha’s rolling galette
508 yen + Tax

Gallet with a matcha flavor, which is made by kneading and baking Uji Matcha powder, is made of glutinous rice flour with a fertilizer, a blanched rice cake, Uji Matcha cream and Uji Matcha cream, and is rolled and rolled.

Restaurant information


Tennoji Store
3-31 Minami Kawahori machi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka