【Nationwide】misdo and PIERRE HERMÉ jointly developed donuts are available in limited quantities!


A new series, “misdo meets PIERRE HERMÉ Patisserie Donut Collection”, jointly developed by Mr. Donut and PIERRE HERMÉ, will be released in limited quantities from January 10, 2020 (Friday). I’m sorry for posting late!

The popular flavor of PIERRE HERMÉ has ​​become a donut!

Mr. Donut has been jointly developed with famous domestic stores such as Gion Tsujiri and Shinjuku Nakamura. The 10th anniversary is Pierre Hermé, a popular French patisserie. The dreamy donut collection, which expresses the typical flavors he has produced in the classic dough of Mr. Donut, will be developed.


Pon de Ispahan

Pierre Hermé’s signature flavor “Ispahan”, which combines rose, lychee, and framboise, appeared as “Pon de Ispahan” in combination with Mr. Donut’s popular donut “Pon de Ring”.

180 yen + Tax


“Satine Fashion” is a motif based on the popular flavor “Satine” born from cheesecake, with a refreshing jam of mousse-like cheese cream, orange and passion fruit on an old-fashioned dough.

170 yen + Tax

Carrement Chocolat

Carrement Chocolat Donut reproduces the popular chocolate “Carrement Chocolat”, which mixes three different textures of “fluffy, thick, and crunchy” with chocolate donut.

220 yen + Tax


A series that combines a chocolate donut developed from fabric with the image of “Financier”, and a chocolate flavor handled by Pierre Hermé. Chloe is a combination of chocolate and framboise.

230 yen + Tax


Ganache cream, ganache whip, orange & passion fruit jam are sandwiched and finished with chocolate and orange peel.

230 yen + Tax


Salted caramel cream, salted caramel whip and ganache cream are sandwiched, and chocolate and canning almonds are topped.

230 yen + Tax


“misdo meets PIERRE HERMÉ Patisserie Donut Collection “

【Sales Period】January 10, 2020 (Fri)-Late February
*Limited quantity
【Store】Mr. Donut nationwide