【Nationwide】Mister Donut will release a limited edition autumn-only donut, “Satsumaimo (Sweet Potato) Do”.


Five types of sweet potato donuts “Satsumaimo (Sweet Potato) Do” will be available from Friday, September 6th at Mister Donuts stores nationwide.

What’s Satsumaimo Do?

“Satsumaimo do” is a donuts with a slightly sweet and moist texture that uses Anno sweet potato powder. The newly-developed dough, which retains the taste of donuts but is as close as possible to the taste and texture of sweet potatoes, will make you feel like you are eating real sweet potatoes. If you warm it, you can enjoy soft and flaky texture.

Five donuts will be offered. Plain, purple sweet potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, and blown sugar syrup & Kinako are prepared.


“Satsumaimo Do” (Sweet potato Donuts)

【Sales Period】Sep. 6 – Late October.
【Stores】All Mr. Donuts stores (excluding some shops)
【Price】Plain 129 yen / 4 types other than plain 140 yen *Tax included