【Nationwide】MOW is releasing a limited-edition spring/summer strawberry flavor, “MOW Sweet Scented Strawberry”♪


Morinaga Milk Industry’s ‘MOW’ series has released a new flavor ‘MOW Sweet Fragrant Strawberry’. It will be available for a limited time at mass merchandisers and convenience stores nationwide from March 30 (Monday), 2020.

Spring / summer limited strawberry flavor.

The popular “MOW” series of cup ice creams offers a rich flavor based on the richness of milk and the unique combination of ingredients. The new “MOW Sweet Fragrant Strawberries” is a limited-edition flavor for the spring and summer season that offers the perfect combination of rich milk and refreshing strawberries.

The strawberry puree that goes with the ice cream is made from strawberries with a strong flavor that goes well with milk. In addition, a blend of 13% strawberry juice and puree brings out the fresh sweetness of the strawberries.


MOW – Sweet-smelling strawberries

【Sales Period】March 30, 2020 – August 2020
【Retail Price】140 yen + Tax
【Contents】140 ml
【Store】Mass merchandisers, convenience stores and general retailers