【Nationwide】Mr. Donut has begun offering a limited time offer for its “Mochi Cream Donut”, which look like Daifuku.


Mr. Donut presents their new “Mochi Cream Donut Collection, misdo meets MOCHICREAM is now available; from Friday, July 3, 2020 through early August, Mr. It will be available at all Donuts stores in limited quantities and for a limited time.

A new type of doughnut with a glutinous texture

The Mochi Cream Donut Collection was created in collaboration with Mochi Cream Japan, a company that produces mochi cream sweets born in Kobe and based on the concept of “maintaining the softness of a freshly made doughnut forever”. Mr. Donut’s signature donut is now available in a new type of dessert with an added “omochi” (interesting texture).

“Like Daifuku!” Daifuku donuts wrapped in Gyuhi

A total of six types of donuts will be available. Daifuku Donut Ichigo and Daifuku Donut Lemon are two newly developed donuts wrapped entirely in glutinous donuts, which look and feel just like Daifuku itself, and have a chewy texture. Each is a combination of mild whipped cream and strawberry jam or lemon jelly, which can be enjoyed on its own or chilled.

Pon de Ring becomes even more glutinous with “Pon de Mochi Cream”!

By sandwiching the mochi filling, the Pon de Mochi cream makes the Pon de Ring even more glutinous. The “Pon de Strawberry Mochi Cream” also has strawberry jam sandwiched between the strawberry jam and the strawberry chocolate and white chocolate and glittery topping on top.

French crullers get chewy too!

Other new releases include the Lemon Mochi Cream French, a refreshing flavoured French doughnut with glutinous filling and lemon jelly, and the Azuki Mochi Puff, a Japanese style doughnut made with a glutinous puff doughnut, white chocolate, glutinous filling and Hokkaido adzuki bean paste.


Mochi cream donut collection (misdo meets MOCHICREAM)

【Sales Period】July 3 (Fri) to early August 2020
*Limited quantity and duration, sales will be discontinued sequentially.
【Store】All Mr. Donuts stores (except some shops)