【Nationwide】New product from Starbucks! Colorful frappuccino of “green” and “pink” using seasonal apples will be release!


On August 30th (Fri), Frappuccino using “apples” that will fall in the fall will appear at Starbucks stores nationwide except some stores! Two kinds of colorful Frappuccino are finished with different tastes depending on the variety, cooking method and arrangement.

Enjoy the seasonal “apple” in Starbucks’ new Frappuccino!

Sweet and sour, fresh and creamy “Green Apple Jelly Frappuccino” (Tall only 580 yen + tax) contains green apple jelly and crispy pulp. In addition, crisp green apple-flavored candy is topped on whipped cream, so you can enjoy various textures.

In addition, “baked apple pink frappuccino” (Tall only 580 yen + Tax) is a frappuccino that tastes like a baked apple. The pink crunchy apple-flavored candy and the crunchy crumble topping are also key points.

“Apple Jelly Ice Tea” and “Baked Apple Ice Tea” (each short starting from 440 yen + Tax each) with ice tea in each of these two flavors will be released at the same time.

Two types of frappuccino and two types of iced tea using apples will be discontinued as soon as they are no longer sold until Thursday, September 19.