【Nationwide】New watch for BABY-G “Tydai pattern”

New watch “Summer Gradation Dial” from Casio BABY-G has been released from June 2019.

Pastel color is cute!

“Summer Gradation Dial” is a watch with the theme of the tie dye pattern that represents the fashion of the 1990s, and the one released this time has a gradation design with a refreshing and lovely pastel color that seems to be summer.

BA-120TG-4AJF 15,000 yen + Tax
(Online Shopping)

BA-120T-7AJF 15,000 yen + Tax
(Online Shopping)

BA-120T-1AJF 15,000 yen + Tax
(Online Shopping)


Summer Gradation Dial

【Release time】June, 2019
【Where to buy】Online / G-shock Store Osaka
【Location】Grand front Osaka, North Building 1st Floor
【Hour】10:00 – 21:00