【Nationwide】Onitsuka Tiger’s sneakers on the image of Kabuki’s capture.

From the popular series “NIPPON MADE” developed by Onitsuka Tiger, sneakers with Kabuki motifs have appeared.


This is the “MEXICO 66 DELUXE” based on the popular model “MEXICO 66”. The stripes that match the classical form have a pattern that reflects the capture of Kabuki. This stripe is not printed but drawn by embroidery.

There are two color lineups: “White x Red” and “White x Black”. “White x Red” is a coloring that is more reminiscent of Kumatori (Kabuki Mask). Is “white x black” easy to match with various stylings? The honey that was written with the brush of “White x Black” stripes is also expressed by embroidery.

“NIPPON MADE” series

Onitsuka Tiger’s “NIPPON MADE” series was started in 2008 with the desire to convey the goodness of Japanese manufacturing once again as a Japanese brand. In addition to the sneakers introduced this time, there are many sneakers released in collaboration with Japanese traditional culture.


28,600 yen (Including tax) / each