【Nationwide】Pikachu was mog-mogging… that gummy bear is now on sale!


A new product, “Pure Gumi, Electric attack Toropica(l) flavor” developed by Kanro Co. and Pokémon Co. will go on sale on June 2nd for a limited time! In addition, the video of Pikachu mugging was released on the occasion of the release of this product, and it achieved 1 million views in 3 days after it was released!

What is Pure gumi?

Since its launch in 2002, Pure gumi has been a popular product of Canro’s that has been supported by a wide range of people of all ages. The “sour powder” that brings out the fruit flavor and the pleasant “crunchy texture” give these heart-shaped gummies a fruity, sweet and sour taste that spreads as you bite into them, refreshing you the moment you take a bite. In very rare cases, star-shaped gummy bears may appear.

Pikachu appears in the form of Pure Gumi!

The “Pure Gumi, Dengeki (Electric Attack) Toropica(l) flavor” was released for a limited time on June 2. It has a well-balanced taste with a soda flavor that reminds you of Pikachu’s attack technique, “Dengeki (Electric Attack),” and a mango and banana fruit juices in the main pineapple juice. Pure Gumi’s unique “shari (crunchy), mochi (sticky)” texture and sweet and sour gummy bears are perfect for a change of pace.

Maybe we’ll see Pikachu in the Puregumi regular series too!

For a limited time, Pikachu’s footprints will appear on the front of the package of the regular series of Pure Gumi (Lemon, Grape, and Muscat flavors), leading to the back of the package. In addition, a Pikachu-shaped gummy bear will also appear in this package. It’s fun to look for the hidden Pikachu!

Movie “Pikachu Mumbled ver.”

Pikachu is soothed by the cute video of Pikachu munching on a gummy bear!


Pure Gumi “Dengeki (Electric Attack) Tropica(l) flavor”

【Release Date】June 2, 2020
【Retail Price】150 yen (tax included)
【Store】Supermarkets and convenience stores across the country