【Nationwide】Pino is now available in a cute “Minions” package!


The popular character is now available in the Pino package! The Pinot (Minions Package) and Pinot Chocoa Sort (Minions Package) from the Pinot series will be available in limited quantities from the end of May.

Everyone loves it!
Pino” is loved by all generations!

Launched in 1976, “Pino” is a “bite-sized” type of ice cream with a perfect balance of smooth ice cream and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Launched in 1992, the assortment type is a long-selling product that is loved by a wide range of generations, as the three flavors can be shared by everyone.

The “Minion” is now available in a package!

The new Pino (Minions Package) and Pino Chocolate Assortment (Minions Package) packages feature the world’s most popular character, the Minions, in a lively, fun and cute design. There are three different designs of the characters and their expressions for each product, which is great!

In addition, the Pino Chocolate Assortment (Minions Package) comes in 24 different designs for each flavor, making it a fun way to choose. Each bite is sure to add to the excitement!


Pino (Minions package): 6 pieces, 140 yen (tax not included)
Pino Chocolate Assortment (Minions Package) 550 yen per 24 pieces (tax not included)

【Release Date】Around end of May
【Store】Supermarkets and convenience stores across the country