【Nationwide】Seasonal “Peach Dessert” by Denny’s and 4 types of parfaits will be on sale from July 9th.


Denny’s will sell “Peach Dessert” from July 9, 2019 (Tuesday) as a seasonal dessert for a limited time.

Denny’s peach delivered to the store in the most delicious state.

Denny’s peaches are harvested at production relays from representative production areas in Japan such as Yamanashi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture, and delivered to stores in the most delicious state. Then, the ripened fresh and colorful peaches are peeled off one by one at the store and cooked as a dessert.

Denny’s peach dessert

4 types of parfait

Peach yogurt coco parfait
530 yen + Tax

The refreshing flavor of yogurt, nata de coco and lime custard cream complements the sweetness of the fresh peach and is a parfait that can be eaten to the end.

Peach cheese mini parfait
530 yen + Tax

A fluffy cheesecake with a fluffy texture “crémet d’Anjou” and a refreshing acidity-flavored sauce are combined with peach.

Peach chocolate mini parfa
530 yen + Tax

A peach × chocolate mini parfait with chocolate ice cream on a round, light-feeling white chocolate cream. The flavor of chocolate complements the smell of peach.

Peach caramel mini parfait
530 yen + Tax

A combination of fruity and fresh peaches with a savory caramel sauce and nut texture. You can enjoy the charm of the peach luxury.

Fresh peach the sunday
860 yen + Tax

A delicious dessert using half of the fresh peaches that are in season. The colorful appeal of peach transformed into peach jelly, peach cream and peach sauce is the refreshing scent of ingredients such as lime custard cream, nata de coco and yogurt. You can enjoy the taste and smell of peach in a well-balanced manner until the last moment.

Peach jelly tailoring
399 yen + Tax

A glass dessert that simply tastes fresh, refreshing peach jelly and fresh peach that you eat.


Peach Party 2019
Launched from July 9

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