【Nationwide】”Strawberry Moon” (ice cream), inspired by “Red Moon”, is available for a limited time.


Morinaga Milk Industry ‘Pino’ series new item ‘Pino Strawberry Moon’ has been available for a limited time from Monday, June 3, 2019.

“Strawberry Moon” 160 yen + Tax

Inspired by “strawberry moon”

It’s said that Native Americans started calling, “Strawberry Moon”, which points to the full moon in June. In North America, it is said that June is the strawberry harvest time, and that the moon of this season looks reddish.

Inspired by this “strawberry moon”, the “Pino Strawberry Moon”, which is coated with raspberry chocolate with a good bit of raspberry ice, is now available. By blending lychee juice as a hidden taste with berry ice cream mixed with strawberry and raspberry puree, it is finished in a gelato-like taste that can enjoy complex fruitiness.

The package is based on red and black, and there are three types designed for the fantastic “strawberry moon” floating in the night sky.


Pino “Strawberry Moon”

【Release Date】June 3. 2019
【Retail Price】160 yen + Tax
【Net content】60 ml (10 ml × 6 pieces)